A day before the release of his highly anticipated mixtape, Kairi Chanel, Dave East makes an appearance on The Breakfast Club and starts the interview with huge news. East is now officially signed to Def Jam.

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After being signed to Nas’ label, Mass Appeal, for roughly two years he has grown tremendously  as a rapper gaining notoriety from some of Hip Hop’s more esteemed artists. But he won’t settle for the cosigns from the great. He won’t stop until he is a legend, himself.

East told The Breakfast Club:


“It wasn’t the average me just signing to a major. I’m actually partners with them,” he says. “Mass Appeal is still the family. Nas is still going to be able to executive produce my album. It was a step forward for me. I was with Mass Appeal solely for almost two years. Nas really introduced the world to me. So that was ideal as far as me first coming in. It’s at a time now where a machine really helps what I’m trying to do, especially being from New York and not trying to stay in New York. Like I told y’all before, I’m not trying to be underground or classified as a certain type of dude. I feel like this was a good move to really get what I’m trying to do, my brand, my movement, across the world.”

East went on to announce it to the rest of the world via Instagram as he went into detail about his journey from a jail cell to putting in the necessary work with the music to eventually being signed by Nas. It’s already evident that East was a force to be reckoned with without a deal, so we can only imagine the pressure that is about to be applied from here on out. Check out The Breakfast Club interview below.