When Zach Farlow was in high school, everyone there knew he would grow up to become a musician … even the school principal. On days when he would drive to school, the principal would be there to greet him – standing at the edge of Zach’s parking space with a frown on his face and a finger up, ready to tell Zach to turn the music down that was blaring from his car. By the end of his senior year, his classmates had voted him “Loudest System” – a moniker that made it into the school yearbook.

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Not much has changed today. Zach is still playing music loud and bringing people together to have a good time. The only difference between now and high school is that the music he blares is his own. His newest hit, “Celebrate” – produced by Platinum award winning producer Sonny Digital – is already making waves. It’s a song that he says he’s super proud of because it flies in the face of the adversity and struggle he’s faced most of his life.

“It’s the opposite of a lot of things that have happened in my life,” he said. “It’s something to be happy about. It’s a song that says you should enjoy life and party. Life is short, so enjoy every day you get. It’s a song with a fun vibe – a kind of vibe where you want to listen to it on a yacht in the middle of the ocean with your people and just hang out. It’s a good vibe, and it’s my way of saying, ‘Just enjoy life.’”