It is a very common occurrence in Hip Hop culture to spot individuals with gold or platinum grills in their mouths. Originating in the southern U.S., in the last decade, the trend has evolved to other regions, now with youngsters proudly rocking their fronts in cities such as Los Angeles and New York. Taking things a giant step further, Cash Money Records C.E.O. Bryan “Birdman” Williams and artist Lil Wayne have gone as far as getting procedures done to implant diamond teeth. As with every trend, there comes a time when things evolve.

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Most recently, celebs have been spotted with a one small stud in one of their teeth, which is a more subtle way of expressing ones self without being overly gaudy. The mastermind behind this new wave is celebrity orthodontist Dr. Bobbi Peterson, whom is the founder of Oral Fixation. With clients ranging from Coco & Breezy, Betty Idol, Rich Dollaz and more, Dr. Peterson is often regarded as the Dr. Miami of dental care. Ushering in this new form of expression when it comes to style, Oral Fixation provides a semi-permanent way to rock dental jewelry that is way less invasive than previous methods and completely painless. Dr. Bobbi Peterson and her brand is definitely something that Hip Hop fans and style enthusiasts should be paying attention to in the coming months.