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It’s been a pretty long wait but he’s back with another sick addition to an already dope podcast series.

@Christylezz released another installment of his successful podcast series entitled “Trappin Anonymous“. In episode 4 entitled “Drug Dealers Anonymous“, Chris and this mysterious guest dishes out the game in dealing with narcotics, the risk and reward of being in the drug dealing game along with breaking down to listeners why drug dealers are more glorified than other people who hustling illegally such as credit card scammers. In addition, he breaks it down the mental of getting money illegally by distributing drugs along with analyzing how addictive it can get. Ladies and gentlemen, get your popcorns, your notepads and your Dre beats ready. Check out episode 4 (Drug Dealers Anonymous) of Trappin Anonymous. For more of @Christylezz and any upcoming events he will be appearing at, visit