Stevie Boi is an American fashion designer who created a high-end unisex eye-wear and accessory brand. He is most known for his line titled SB Shades which has been seen on celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Katy Perry and more.

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Originally born in Augusta, Georgia; Stevie was raised in a military family which allowed him to travel overseas most of his childhood. After following in his parents footsteps, he decided to quit in 2007 and focus on designing.

A few years later in 2012, his eye-wear received great recognition landing the cover of Vogue Magazine. Since then he has been featured in over 500+ publications, and now he’s transitioning into TV and film through acting and costume design. Find out more on this amazing designer in his exclusive interview below!


TheSource: What inspired your talents and overall fashion brand?

Stevie Boi: I am mostly inspired by my environment. I learned its best to take my surroundings and apply it in the fashion world. My current collection entitled “Cäbin” is based around my recent year of traveling and doing out door sports

Where is your name derived?

Stevie Boi was a nick name giving to me during my high-school years

How do you feel your brand has impacted the fashion world?

I was able to change the way people wear eyewear. I am not the first to be innovative with Eyewear, but I am one of the first to reinvent classic styles with cultural and pop influences.

What do you feel about your brand’s impact specifically on Hip-Hop Culture?

I was a apart of a lot of hip-hop moments! From working with Nicki Minaj , Trina, Lola Monroe, P Diddy etc. I was able to incorporate their personal style while bringing a fun perspective to hip-hop with my designs.

What’s expected next with your brand and talents?

I am focused on acting. I just directed and starred in my first film entitled “CÄBIN” The Story, which is based off my current collection.

Which of your designs are the most popular?

My most popular glasses would have to be “The Shines” and also the “Madame Butterflies”

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Where are your pieces commonly sold?

Currently online and select stores. I also teamed with Native Ken in Chelsea to carry my limited edition select styles.