On the heels of their latest release, Jaw Gems dropped the video for “Party Slave,” the newest single from ‘HEATWEAVER.’ In the tradition of grand, chill wave jazz, the song begs for a trippy, peculiar visual concept. Director Jay Brown captures the whimsical acid trip and still maintains the sobering respect that’s invoked by a band with real instruments.

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“The video unfolded in such an organic way. For weeks before the shoot we’d been collecting weird props, not knowing how we’d put them to use in a story line. It wasn’t until the morning of the shoot – just a few hours before we began recording – that we came up with the idea of having fire goddesses twerking upside down with these weird, hideous masks on. So we sent out a Facebook blast that morning and immediately found two friends to twerk in the video for us.”

Download ‘HEATWEAVER’  here and watch the video below.


“Party Slave” – Jaw Gems