Late Saturday night [October 8, 2016],  rescue officials responded to a destructive blaze along the coast of South Carolina in Myrtle Beach.

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The fire was first reported at a home in the city’s Cherry Grove area. It was the powerful winds of produced by the Hurricane Matthew system that blew embers onto nearby homes.

Initially, responders were unable to act promptly due to brutal wind speeds, but were able to eventually make use of a hose to protect nearby houses.


By the night’s end, five homes were destroyed by the flames.

At the time of the fire, the area was still under evacuation, with residents fleeing from the path of what is now becoming known as one of the most powerful hurricanes to date.

Hurricane Matthew, which has since been downgraded to the category of a tropical cyclone, initiated its deadly voyage in the Caribbean, making its way up the Eastern coast of the United States, leaving death and destruction behind.

Today, Matthew is still making its way through the Carolinas, bringing copious amount of rain along.