Imagine a song with the hardcore beats of Yeezus, the commercial cheeriness of a political campaign ad, and the lyrics an even more unfiltered Donald Trump.

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Producer Mike Dean reacted to the leak of Trump’s lewd comments in the most Mike Dean way possible—remixing Trump’s words into a catchy jam.


Dean juxtaposes a children’s choir with the most infamous bit of the resurfaced audio recording of Trump and television host Billy Bush. His track starts off like a cute song the Republican presidential candidate might walk out to during a rally. But the rest of the remix would definitely have Trump frozen in his tracks.

The producer, who tagged the song with #DumpTrump, takes “Grab em by da p*ssy” out of the sexist conversation between the two men and puts the line on repeat to a plethora of Dean-esque beats. Dean definitely challenges Trump’s slogan, asking him if his comment is what will make America great again.