Brooklyn rapper Desiigner has been the talk of the town recently, especially after his recent arrest in September. During a search of a vehicle he was in after a road rage incident, police found a large quantity of controlled substances. Desiigner and four others were arrested and charged with criminal possession of drugs with intent to sell. The felony charges were dropped a day later.

With all of that drama behind him, Desiigner teams up with DJ SpinKing and releases a new song called “Outlet” produced by Vinylz. The song was part of Vinylz’ DJ set on OVO Sound radio episode 31 . The song will apparently feature on DJ SpinKing’s upcoming project.

The “Timmy Turner” rapper brings his known boastful flow back whilst rapping away:  “Got that Ruger on me/Jeweler on me/Mulah on me/Buddha on me/You be talkin’ shit, got that boss shit/Boss machine, hold all the crack somewhere/You might as well go lay down then/That’s that old shit, bold shit, back, I swear.” Take a listen below.