Although hundreds meet in Congress just miles away from Montgomery County in Washington D.C., there still remains a unique juxtaposition between classes in our nations capital. While some dine in banquets halls, there are those who hope they have something to fill their stomach just down the road, hustling in the poverty stricken areas that surround the district that makes out laws.

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WillThaRapper sheds light on life in D.C. away from the politics and cameras with his new video “Pull Up Hop Out.” The track hit over 2 million hits on Soundcloud before creating the video and its not on some consciousness or uplifting vibe, it’s raw and real to life about surviving in the street. Honestly the lyrics some would say are ignorant and adding to the problem, but the imagery is vivid and the simplistic production keeps from overshadowing the unique voice of WillThaRapper.

Check out the video below.