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Haiti has seen an unforgettable amount of devastation since its 2010 earthquake, but it’s most recent destruction causing nearly 1000 deaths has set the country back once again.  

The United Nations has called for $120 million in aid, noting that about 750,000 people in southwest Haiti alone will need “life-saving assistance and protection” in the next three months. Overall, at least 1.4 million people need assistance, the U.N. said.


Many people want to help the families hit by this tragedy yet question the intentions of donated funds that were unaccounted for in the past. Internationally famed photographer Ricardo Andre   born and raised in Port Au Prince, Haiti known for his striking images has decided to give back to the people suffering in his homeland following Hurricane Mathew’s devastation. The philanthropic photographer felt there was no better way to help his family, neighbors and church community then by starting his own fundraiser and documenting his trip home and the use of funds he has raised.

If you would like to donate to immediately help the families dealing with loss in Haiti CLICK HERE  and check for updates from Ricardo’s trip to Haiti!



photos courtesy of Rebecca Blackwell, AP and Hector Retamal, AFP/Getty Images