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The Rap Radar boys have been on a tear as of late, with industry informative conversations featuring: DJ Mustard, Bill Adler, Lecrae, Prodigy, Common, Sickamore, D.R.A.M, Andre Harrell, and Kevin Liles, and now Cortez Bryant. All in the span of about as many days as individuals that we’ve listed. To put a little more respek on their name, these weren’t your average press run conversations either. Some were apart of press runs, but for the most part, these were thought out, strategic, against the grain guests, and Rap Radar’s listeners reacted accordingly. There’s something about hearing Cortez Bryant shine light on a situation from a perspective we haven’t heard 5 other times, at 5 other outlets. It’s refreshing.



“If there were a secret to success, Cortez Bryant probably has the answers. As a member of the Maverick management firm, Tez has branded the careers of hip-hop superstars of Drake, Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy and childhood friend Lil Wayne. More recently, he saw the release of Weezy’s memoir, Gone Til November. Here, Tez details the financial fiasco behind Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records, Birdman’s business practices, Weezys rise, G-Eazy, Tyga and more.” – Rap Radar

What did we learn from the conversation between Cortez, Elliott, & B Dot on the Rap Radar Podcast, via Play.it network? A lot, so much so, we cooked up a list for you.

5. Wayne didn’t actually care about being Eskimo Brothers with Drake once the bid was over: Cortez Bryant says that Wayne’s memory is terrible. Although he cared about his side side chick while in Riker’s, once he was free, it didn’t really matter much. Cortez Bryant went as far as to say that Wayne had to ask him who was he even talking about, as he didn’t remember which girl it was exactly. “Boy I got so many b*****s like I’m Mike Lowry, even Gwen Stefani, say she couldn’t doubt me.”

4. Cortez Bryant says that Wayne had his first job while in prison: Sometimes we forget the fact that Wayne has been catapulted into the spotlight ever since pre-teen years. This means that he’s never really had to do anything but rap. Before serving time at Riker’s Island, Lil Wayne never had a real job. But, Cortez says that during his bid, his job was to watch the other inmates on the floor at night, which was perfect because he didn’t sleep anyway.

3.  Cortez Bryant was a band geek: Cortez Bryant attended the historically black college, Jackson State University, where they are well known for their band. He attributes his rhythm, and his ear for beats, and music to his time as a drummer in the band, dating back to high school. He says he also learned leadership, and family, from his role in Sonic Boom. Tez says that he uses those same traits in his roles today.

2.  First wrinkle in the Cash Money relationship was because of “Believe Me”: Cortez describes his 12 year partnership with Cash Money as a good one, up until “Believe Me” dropped, and they waited around for the usual advance to come that proceeds a single. In the midst of this, the highly successful Drake vs. Wayne tour hits the road, and “Believe Me” shoots to #1. Tez wanted Carter V to drop on the back of this momentum, but knew that it could only get done if, “He (Wayne) got him”. Cash Money came forth, and said that they didn’t have it, which inevitably led to a rift within the organization.

1. The “Truffle Butter” saga was all Cortez Bryant’s fault: Okay, keep up. Drake gives “Truffle Butter” to Cortez to give to Nicki. Cortez thinks “Truffle Butter” is a hit, of course. Cortez goes to the studio with Tyga, and leaves the song with him. Tyga lays a verse on “Truffle Butter”, Drake & Nicki are both like “WTF?!” Cortez is like the Krabby Patti meme, has to apologize to all parties involved for passing their music around, says that it was his first time ever doing that.

You can listen to the entire conversation between Cortez Bryant, and the Rap Radar boys (here).