As promised, Jay Z and The Weinstein Company are on a roll with announcement after announcement of projects in the works as a result of their recent first-look deal collaboration. In the past week alone they have unveiled three projects including the Lee Daniel’s directed Richard Pryor biopic starring Mike Epps and Tracy Morgan.

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In addition to the highly anticipated Richard Pryor biopic, Jay Z is showing the versatility he will attach to his new film production responsibilities as he announced his producer role for the Kalief Browder story. Kalief Browder committed suicide almost 2 years after being released from prison after serving 3 years for a false charge of robbery which was eventually dismissed.

In a press conference, Jay Z expressed:


“I look at Kalief Browder as a modern day prophet. Our prophets come in many different shapes, forms, or mediums. This young man just by the fact that he brought all of us here today lets you know how powerful of a soul he was.”

Furthermore, Jay Z isn’t stopping at just that. He announced his third project with TWC to be aired on NBC as a six hour mini docu-series based on the first African American special ops sniper in the US Army, known as Nicholas “The Reaper” Irving.

We’re excited to see what story Jay Z is preparing to take on next! It’s so important for African Americans to be able to tell their stories their way in such a devastating time, and only an influencer of Jay Z’s stature can ensure the significance of such stories is highlighted in the most powerful fashion.