After Frank Ocean came back from a more than 4-year hiatus and rumors swirled that he’d be dropping an album, the world was gifted with not only one, but two highly anticipated projects. The releases were well-received and though Ocean seemed to be M.I.A, he definitely took heed to the industry’s evolution as one of his releases was a visual album; much like Beyonce’s Lemonade.

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The Grammys list isn’t set to be released until December 8th, per Billboard reports, however it is definitive that Frank’s albums will not even be considered. According to Billboard, neither of Frank’s August-released albums were submitted by his labels, management or other reps – even though they were released before the cut-off date (September 30, 2016).

It’s still unclear whether or not the albums were intentionally not submitted for the Grammys, but either way it’s unfortunate because the projects were full of creativity, great music, and great visuals from the artist we all know and love.