The Food Network scored a new show this summer and we finally can smell it cooking. Ayesha Curry’s new reality cooking series, Ayesha’s Homemade is finally set to air this Saturday, October 22nd 12/11 C.

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In the new series, Ayesha will be sharing quick weeknight recipes along with dinner party fixes that she uses to satisfy her family’s wide range of appetites’. Of course, we will get appearances from her NBA star husband, Stephen Curry — and we wouldn’t be surprised if this turns into the Riley Curry show at any given moment.

Each episode ranges from Ayesha having to make a quick hearty meal for the boys to girl’s brunch without the husband and kids, and even a date night meal for Ayesha and her beloved. We’re super excited to get some hands on cooking tips from Ayesha only a few short weeks after the release of her National Bestseller cookbook, The Seasoned Life, hit the shelves.


Ayesha took to her Instagram to share a quick teaser of her new show. Watch it below.