This casual conversation about Frank Ocean’s choice of footwear to the state dinner is…well, admirable.

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Frank Ocean strolled into the White House state dinner with his mother, Katonya, that very stern yet nurturing voice you hear on “Be Yourself.” On his way in, he stopped to talk to reporters for a very impromptu interview, the first interview we’ve seen from Frank in three years. Of all things to ask Ocean, the reporter sort of locked in on a very interesting topic; his choice of footwear.

“Are you wearing Vans to the state dinner”? she asks. Frank casually looked down at his classic black and white checkered slip-ons and replied effortlessly, “First time doing it. Probably because this is my first time here.” The singer was confident in his reasoning for doing so as well as he went on to explain his choice of footwear to the rather upscale event. “You can’t think. You just have to do things.”


The reporter couldn’t let Frank go without asking if he’d be supporting a presidential candidate with a concert like other artists have done. Of course, Ocean shut down the thought with a simple, “Concerts, probably not,” and even repeated the statement.

Watch the short interview below.