Embattled boxer Adrien Broner has been in the news over the last week after his suicidal threat last Wednesday via instagram.

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Broner has been staying in Las Vegas since the incident and he’s been staying close to Floyd Mayweather and appearing in public with the boxer.Many have compared Broner’s swagger to Mayweather and the boxer detailed his relationship with Mayweather when he appeared on today’s episode of Scoop B Radio with sports and entertainment journalist Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson.

On the podcast, Broner detailed when the two first met. According to Broner, the two crossed paths at Greystone Manor nightclub in Los Angeles. “That was during my turn up days,” joked Broner. “I was in there turned the f–k up and I didn’t even know he was there and we found out he was there, so we went up there, and [since then], he’s been just a connection for me, like a big brother.”


From there, they clicked. According to Broner, they all left the club together, had an early breakfast at a nearby restaurant and Broner ended up living with Mayweather for about a month and a half. “The biggest thing that I love about him is his work ethic,” said Broner. “All of the flashiness, I don’t care about none of that. All of the money that’s he’s made, I don’t care about none of that, because that’s what’s going to come with the success. I really look at how dedicated he really is to his craft.”

Many say Mayweather’s workout routine is impeccable, even impressing Broner. Broner believes Mayweather compares to one person: himself. “I think I work as hard or harder,” Broner told Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. “That’s one of the things that we really have in common, the way that we keep working and work out. When people watch us work out, it’s not just a workout; you’ve never seen it before and it’s something special right there.”

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