The movie that helped catapult his Airness to even more greatness is set to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary by making it’s return to select theaters.

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The classic sports animated film known as Space Jam is preparing to take fans back down memory lane while introducing the new generation to animation greatness. On November. 15, 1996, Space Jam debut nationwide, reeling over $230 million dollars. To commemorate 20 years of the debut of this blockbuster flick, the movie that started Looney Tunes golden boy Bugs Bunny and the G.O.A.T. himself, Michael Jordan will be playing in over 450 theaters on November. 13 and November 16. Fans can purchase tickets by clicking on the link here.




You never know, we may see a sneak peek of the new “secret stuff, which talks of a Space Jam 2 was allegedly announced to the pubic early of this year. The King and Mr. “What’s Up, Doc” is not a bad combination at all. You can be judge of that once the movie debuts, which should be soon.