Highlighting this week’s street fashion in Hip-Hop; Style Sector meets up with Chicago rapper Lil Durk, for an exclusive interview and editorial on his personal style.

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TheSource.com: What does style mean to you?


Lil Durk: “Style means to me, it’s a lifestyle. I look at it as you can express how you are with your fashion. Let’s say if I decided to wear all black that’s how I felt today. If I’m wearing all white I’m feeling up. See I go with the mood”


Q: Are there any prominent brands that you favor and why?

Lil Durk: “Bushimis know what I’m saying, Off-White my top, because I like that it’s different and they denim just cut different”


Q: How would you describe your style?

Lil Durk: “I ain’t got no super crazy a** style, know what I’m saying. I just know how to put sh*t together. Yea like a clean look. Three words to describe my style – clean, bossed, and expensive [laughs]”


Q: How do you feel your style has influenced the culture?

Lil Durk: “I basically just kept it original-that’s more important. Cus you got a lot of people that colored their dreads, and I just really kept it authentic. It’s just something about the whole Chicago wave”


Q: What do you consider some of your top brands or locations where you shop?

Lil Durk: “Off-White, and I like Gucci. Spots to shop?-Barneys


Q: What do you feel makes your style so unique?

Lil Durk: “I keep it authentic and don’t care what people think. Some may say that shirt don’t match those jeans. Or that you can just go to Balmain and get fresh. But I can mix Balmain with H&M or Top Shop



Creative Director/Editor: Venus Rose

CD/Fashion Director: Alexis Nadira

Photographer: Fabian P.