Battle rap has been a staple in Hip Hop culture from day one. The art of lyrical competition has been one of the elements of the game that many of the superstars that we know of and see today got their start from. Emcees like Jay-Z and Eminem for instance have always been vocal about their time coming up in the game where the best way to prove yourself was to battle other emcees and see who did the better job of lyrically besting their opponent. The object was more than just displaying braggadocio rhymes, emcees were trying their best to assassinate the character of the person standing in front of them at the same time.

The art of battling has remained relevant through the years with the help of battle leagues like the URL (Ultimate Rap League) and KOTD (King Of The Dot) whose high profile events have brought out the likes of Diddy, Drake, Busta Rhymes as well as many more of today’s most well known artists and athletes.

In Hip Hop we count on the various radio programs, websites, and blogs to fill us in on what is happening in the culture. Well the battle rap game isn’t very different and there seems to be a standout amongst the variety that holds a lot of weight. Angry Fans Radio.


Angry Fans Radio, which is also commonly referred to in the battle rap community as the CNN of battle rap, is the go to radio show for everything battle rap. Featuring live on air phone battles with some of battle raps top talent, as well as in depth interviews with the top battlers in the game (Murda Mook, Hollow Da Don, Arsonal, Loaded Lux, Dizaster and many more), league owners, as well as some more notable figures in hip-hop such as Cassidy, Method Man, General Steele and more. CAPS, the show’s creator and host, along with his co-hosts brings the fans a three hour program 3 times a week along with surprise shows in between to keep fans of battle rap updated on everything current in the game. CAPS also involves the fans of the culture in all of his shows, taking live calls and setting up panels on air to debate the current on goings in the game. Winged, one of CAPS co-hosts also hosts a program under the same umbrella (Angry Fans Movement) called ladies night and tends to focus more on the female talent in battle rap from vets to rising stars.

There is an abundance of battle rap outlets that fans can go to in order to get current news and announcements but Angry Fans Radio seems to be the front runner and a force to be reckoned with. With outlets such as this battlers have a place to go to vent their thoughts on the status of battle rap, discuss upcoming events and promote side projects. The Angry Fan Movement appears to be growing more and more each day and judging by the feedback from the fans this is only the beginning.

Anybody interested in Angry Fans Radio can check it out at or contact CAPS on Twitter @ANGRYFAN007 for updates on the schedule of the show.