Azealia Banks attempted to mend things with singer Zayn Malik.

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Last May, Banks’ Twitter fingers towards Malik got her suspended from the social network. It all started when the rapper mistook Malik’s tweets for subtweets at her, a common cause of celebrity beefs. However, Banks’ response went too far as many saw her remarks to be homophonic, racist, and misguided.

Now, she cites “recents events” — possibly the situation with Russell Crowe and the RZA— as to why she penned an apology to the “Pillowtalk” artist. “What I did was wrong and I am committed to becoming a better person,” she writes. She posted a letter to Facebook, labelling it “an end,” and to Instagram as well. In it, she praises Malik from his career to his humble attitude. She notes a “silver lining” in what happened, acknowledging the humbling effect it’s had on her. The catalyst of her Twitter rant, according to the rapper, sparked from a lack of empathy towards others and other minorities. “At times, I am so consumed by my own struggle, and the struggle of my race, that I forget to consider the hardships other minorities continue to endure.” Read the full letter here:



While her words seemed sincere, it made fans bring up the feuds she’s had with other celebrities. When a few fans demanded an apology to young actress Skai Jackson who immediately came to Malik’s support that May, Banks’ chimed in on the comments on Facebook. One her of replies reads: