When it comes to comedy Kevin Hart is hilarious, so when the high energy comedian sat down with Hot Ones earlier this week to discuss his career over the some of the hottest wings. you know it’s going to be hilarious.

In the interview, Kevin talks about his early days in comedy including the what he calls “the worst time in on stage”.

“I remember when I was at a club earlier in my career and I was on stage, I wasn’t hitting but I guess I made one guy so frustrated that he threw a chicken wing at me,” Kevin said. “You know how frustrated you have to be to throw food at someone on stage? And it had sauce on it so I got a little buffalo sauce in my eye.”

Hart also discussed how working with Dame Dash in the film Paper Soldiers helped out him in the game and hire and get him an agent.


“Dame saw me at a comedy club and he approached me about starring in the film,” Kevin continued. “A lot of people don’t know that it was me and Charlie Murphy who assisted in writing and rewrites of the film to make it more funny. If it wasn’t for that film honestly I wouldn’t be where I am because it was the opportunity Dame gave me that helped me have the credentials I need to get an agent.”

On why he works so hard in the industry, Kevin stated his mission is clear- to etch his name in entertainment history.

Check the hilarious interview below: