The contributions of black designers and models in the fashion industry will be on full display at the Museum of FIT in an special 6-month exhibition.

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The acclaimed fashion museum collected the work of over 60 designers for “Black Fashion Designers,” debuting in December.  It will focus on “the significant, but often unrecognized, impact that designers of African descent has had on fashion,” starting from the 1950s and going to more modern designs like Public School. Within its timeline, guests will discover different pop culture-related work of black designers, like Jacqueline Kennedy’s wedding dress and Michelle Obama’s Carpool Karaoke ensemble.

Curators separated the exhibition into eight parts: influence on New York, inspiration from the 1970s dance scene, models, “Evening Wear,” “African Influence,” Hip Hop culture, “Activism” from environment to Black Lives Matter, “Menswear,” and avant-garde. André Leon Talley as well black models and designers will add their voice as commentary for tour-goers.


“Black Fashion Designers” will run from December 6, 2016 to May 16, 2017, and has an accompanying hashtag #BlackFashionDesigners. Check out the Museum at FIT for more information.