Suge Knight has most definitely not forgot about Dre. Reportedly suing Dr. Dre for hiring a hitman to kill him, Suge is convinced apparently that his longtime business associate planned a botched assassination at 1 Oak during the 2014 VMAs weekend. 

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Hip hop’s first billionaire was reportedly lorded over by a lifetime management plan with 30% of Dre’s entertainment earnings consistently migrating to Suge. According to TMZ’s claims, Suge Knight is out for a large summation of funds Dre knowingly withheld from him. During the 2014 transition of the Compton bred artist into a bonafide technology mogul with his strong “Beats” brand being acquired by Apple, a halt was placed on the “lifetime” stipulation and their storied past was tested. 

Dre’s way out of the sketchy Suge Knight contracting was, if the lawsuit is to be believed, not out of character with his hardened lyrical character and persona. The hitman claiming to be involved explained to investigators that he was compensated by the Dr. to kill Suge. Suge says, despite 37 cameras in 1 OAK, no arrests were made. 


Subsequent to being shot 7 times in the abdomen at the 2014 VMA’s after party and recovering, Suge in January 2015 faced another alleged assassin on set of the hit movie Straight Outta Compton. Driving to Tam’s Burger’s, Suge claims Dre paid another individual named Cle “Bone” Sloan to off him while he was en route.

Suge struck Sloan with his truck and ran over another victim Terry Carter killing him in the process. Knight alleges he was seriously attempting to escape an ambush. 

The lawsuit is against Dre, Apple, Universal and Tam’s for unspecified damages. The big figure of the lawsuit is the $300 million of Beats sale earnings Suge is currently ogling at and after.  


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