Bryson Tiller is gearing up to release his follow up to T R A P S O U L. Yesterday [Oct. 25] Tiller took to his Instagram account to announce that his new album is almost done. While he has stated in the past how T R A P S O U L wasn’t an album, the numbers prove it to be album worthy. Tiller went platinum with the project– led behind the strong single of “Don’t.”

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Similar to Dave East, both of their debut projects to a broader spectrum of the world—has been the foundation to absolutely broad numbers, in terms of support from consumers. As far as the musical direction Tiller is taking, we get glimpses of what he will possibly be bringing to us, as he displayed on his latest single of “Let Me Explain.”

For now, there is no official release date for his album, but considering it’s almost done, we’ll hope to see it during the first quarter of next year. The anticipation will only grow for the pen-dynamic artist.


Check out his Instagram post below.

album almost done

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