Gucci Snakes

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In the wise words of Pusha T, “The new Gucci has less monograms, God’s got him“. Now it’s snakes, lightning bolts and bumblebees all adorning luxury sneakers, jackets and apparel all decked out still in the signature and familiar luxury color schematic of green and red stripes. Reinvigorating the stagnating brand reliant on double G’s, designer Alessandro Michele has headed the brand’s new creative direction since Fall 2015. The shift in look now has statistical data to back up it’s definite popularity. Gucci sales are up 17% this quarter.

Gucci’s parent company Kering has the brand and designer to thank for a whopping 60% of it’s profits. Analysts are consistently attempting to predict luxury brand sales profits and this quarter researchers stated they thought a 10% increase for Gucci, off by 7%. Similarly owned by the Kering brand Saint Laurent‘s sales skyrocketed 33.9%. On the other hand, Bottega Veneta of the Kering parent company had third-quarter 2016 sales that fell by 10.9%, dwindling in popularity.


The world of fashion business and trend is one that directly affects pop culture as a whole and right now Gucci is everywhere and killing it.