It was ten years ago to this day that the Hip Hop community witnessed something many may have thought to be impossible. The long standing feud between Hip Hop superstars Nas and Jay-Z was officially put to rest. It all went down at the “I Declare War” concert.

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Nas and Jay had previously gone back and forth in one of the most memorable Hip Hop beefs in the history of the culture. Recording countless tracks and freestyles dissing each other to the point where if both of their camps were in the same place at the same time there was a likelihood for an altercation between the two groups. Some of Hip Hop’s most notable diss tracks came from this now settled beef.

This showing of unity was huge for the culture as it showed that even two people who had such malicious intent towards each other at one point could let bygones be bygones and put their problems to the side for the bigger cause. After this showing of unity, Jay took it one step further and signed Nas to a record deal over at Def Jam Records. They have since parted ways as far as business is concerned but they still have the utmost respect for each other and they haven’t looked back after squashing the problems that they once had with one another.