Philadelphia’s back on road towards returning to its days as a heralded Hip-Hop hotspot, and the next young artist rising from the city of Brotherly Love goes by the name of Zero.
Despite the name the budding emcee has a lot to offer. At just the tender age of 19-years , Zero has hopped on tracks featuring the likes of Tory Lanez, Huey Mack, and Play Picasso, even joining on with with Futuristic’s “As Seen on The Internet” tour earlier this month.
Though, be warned: after one listen, you’ll likely be thinking of a young Eminem. While it seems like the hackneyed thing to do, the teen’s swift flow and blazing intensity does draw a striking resemblance to that of Marshall Mathers’.
It’s too early to tell  just how Zero’s promising career will play out, but the amount of talent and ardor present in his artistry is hard to deny.
How did you get your start and what inspired you to take it this far?
When I was 10 years old, I had a family member who was a music producer, and he asked me to do some vocal samples. Ever since then I started writing my own songs. Nothing really inspired me to take it this far. Ever since I started, I haven’t been able to stop, and that’s why I’m still here.

How have you progressed both as an artist and a person since taking music seriously?

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Mainly from talking with certain people I’ve met along the way, working with industry artists, and working around my producer Andrew Meoray, who is the most talented person I’ve ever met. He’s made me grow as an artist more than anybody else has.

Who has had the most influence on your art?

There’s actually three people who I can say have had the most influence on my art: Tory Lanez, Blackbear & Pryde. I don’t know if it translates that way, but that’s pretty much all I’ve been listening to since 7th grade.


What’s been the greatest highlight of your career by far?

Going on my recent tour run with Futuristic for his “As Seen On The Internet” tour. I can connect with his fans so easy, and every crowd I got to perform in front of was full of energy. Futuristic, MoGul, DJ Kode Break & Beez are great people–which made the tour experience even better.

What experiences do you feel have prepared you best for this career?

As I mentioned before, mostly the people I’ve met along the way, the tour, the fact I’m 19 and have been making music since I was 10, and performing since I was 12. It’s kind of something I’ve just been used to since I can remember.

What’s the message or overall takeaway that you want to leave fans with when they’ve listened to your music?

I talk about a lot of personal subjects sometimes, so I just want the people to relate to me. Pretty much want them to know they can do whatever they want, no matter who tells them they can’t. No matter what happens in your personal life, don’t let that affect what you want to do.

 I lost my father when I was 16, and I have kids messaging me telling me they’ve lost their dad as well, and they have no will or want to do anything at all, even thought about suicide. They tell me because of me being able to go through the same thing they’re going through and openly talk about it, and not give up on what I want, it shows them nothing ever has to be the end. You just got to keep it moving.
I’ve gotten multiple messages like that for different situations, and I’ve only had the ability to reach a small crowd so far. I’m hoping I can help reach more people like the ones who have reached out to me in the future.
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