Virginia native Evan Barlow has blessed the masses with the visual treatment of his soulful “Butter Toppin”, a musical journey that guides you through life after love.

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Taken off of his Fabric mixtape, “Butter Toppin” is held down by an enchanting bass line, packed tightly with harmonious vocals, absorbing lyricism, and a certain airy magnetism provided by Barlow, himself.

“Once you’ve dealt with as much loss as I have, it’s easy to have visions of losing the closest thing to you. ‘Butter Toppin’ is a piece of my journey through love, and the risk someone puts themselves in by falling in love,” says Evan of the song. “Even though there is a chance of heartbreak and pain, we as human beings should always be free to love again.”

While he is presently in the studio preparing new art for the beginning of 2017, we’re excited to see what comes next of Evan Barlow.


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