A Minneapolis band filed a lawsuit against Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, claiming that “Uptown Funk” sounds way too similar to their own music. The hit song, which has an old school feel, is being compared to a 1983 track by band Collage, reports TMZ.

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Ronson, Mars, various record labels, and even Trinidad James are among those named in the lawsuit, says Pitchfork who obtained the complaint. Looking back at their song “Young Girls,” Collage cites the funk-infused musical composition as the reason for their legal actions. The complaint reads, “Many of the the main instrumental attributes and themes of ‘Uptown Funk’ are deliberately and clearly copied…”


Only one member of the Collage is alive today. The other two are represented by their estates in the lawsuit. If a judge rules in their favor, they could receive compensation for the enormous success of “Uptown Funk” and damages.


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