Arriving on the same day as the 1929 Great Depression, Maryland artist Big Flock releases his biggest project to-date, with The Great Depression. The project comes equipped to be loved by those who have supported his art for years, also for those who are more recently becoming familiar with him.

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Since working on the project back in April of 2016, it’s been a steady amount of embracement, love, and hardwork coming from Flock and his entire camp. From the beginning of his career to now, Flock has gained the attention of fellow DMV artists Jay IDK, Fat TrelGoldLink, and more. The project features 21 Savage, Visto, HoodRich Pablo Juan, Baby Ahk, and more.

Throughout his career, Flock has proven he’s an artist that can withstand jail/prison time and still hold over the support from his fans. Although he’s behind bars at the moment, the moment is monumental for the 24-year-old rapper.


I really want people to listen,” Flock said to Noisey about the project. “My life inspired me. My daughter and the death of my brother Christopher (CDiddy) Smith. My father’s health is very bad; just everything happening in my life right now. As far as the song’s name, it makes you think I did it for my men, for the youth going through the struggle”

Take a listen to the project below.