Fresh off of their release of “The Black Woman is God”, Hip-Hop duo The Black Opera have returned with yet another statement in the form of “Black Frankenstein”.

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Just in time for Halloween, members Jamall Bufford and Magestik Legend interchangeably tackle the real horrors of being Black in America.

“‘Black Frankenstein’ is what black anger sounds like,” say the two regarding the track. “The anger of continuously seeing people that look like you get treated unjustly and murdered, solely because of how they look. Then when we react to the injustice, we get called a monster.”

November 11 will mark the debut of their newest album African America, an entire piece dedicated to the rediscovery of purpose at the core of Black America, with the duo referencing to the forthcoming project as “the promised land of freedom”.


While we patiently await its impending arrival, don’t neglect to take a first listen to The Black Opera’s “Black Frankenstein”.

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