Every summer the NBA drafts the best young talent available from all across the world banking on increasing the notoriety of the league altogether, and turning premiere players into nationwide heroes all due to their skills on the hardwood. Players dream this NBA dream from as young as three years old so when it finally comes time to showcase their talents a lot is on the line.

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In fact, this year’s number one draft pick, Ben Simmons, says he knew at eight years old that he was going to play in the NBA. If we do the math, that was two years before the NBA implemented the mandatory rule requiring all drafted players to be 19 years old and at least one year removed from the graduation of his high school class.

Despite Simmons suffering from a Jones’ fracture in his right foot in which occurred during the final scrimmage of the 76ers training camp, he is finally living out his dream. But unfortunately in Simmons eyes, it was a dream that was deferred longer than he felt necessary.


In a new Showtime documentary titled ‘One And Done’, Ben Simmons shares his journey from Australia to America, from high school to LSU and now to the NBA. But even more so, he expresses his extreme disgust with the NCAA’s one and done system.

In regards to his thoughts on missing class in college, Ben stated: “I have to be getting better every day. I can’t be worried about my oceanography class.”

He went into college knowing that it would be short lived and he was not there for the education yet only as a preliminary to make it to the NBA.

According to Simmons he felt used by the NCAA, in which he stated: “The NCAA is messed up! Go by a #25 jersey. Go put me on ESPN. Go make millions of dollars off one person.”

The ‘One and Done’ Documentary airs tomorrow [November 4] at 9pm on Showtime. Be sure to tune in to what can turn into a powerful movement amongst young basketball prodigies that have the same NBA hopes as Simmons did.