Just when you thought season one was alot. The Hennypalooza favorite is back with a wild and explosive season two of Trappin Anonymous.

You may have seen him recently on tour with the Hennypalooza crew doing outrageous antics such as this. Or, you may have saw him hosting another dope NYC showcase. But the young, energetic, phenom known as @ChriStylezz has been taking the podcast world by storm with his innovative, inquisitive yet entertaining interview style as he shows that he is far from afraid to reach new grounds in the podcast game. In “Trappin Anonymous Season 1”, he introduced and schooled listeners to the world of hustling, the illegal way. Reeling over 35-40K followers, Stylez is slowly becoming a heavy hitter in the podcast game along with playing a major role in turning up at a party near you. Now, he’s back with season 2, which already is a wild, kinky and intriguing for both the male and female listeners.

In Season 2, Chris decides to test new waters by introducing the listeners to conversation you wouldn’t normally have in public or at the work place. In the first episode known as “Back Page Anonymous”, Stylez was able to contact and bring in a promiscuous female worker to discuss the in’s and out’s of the prostitution game, which includes first hand experiences such as how she was introduced to the game, the perks of being involved in such a dangerous world and the first hand outlook on how it affected her life.

In this latest episode which debuted today, Chris introduces the kinky, abnormal side of sex. Known as “Dominatrix Anonymous”, this episode establishes the conversation of dominance in the bedroom but the twist is that females are frequently giving the opportunity to dominate the man by using unusual tactics and objects to help a person become pleased and sexually turned on. Ladies and gentlemen, if you in the mood to spice up your love and sex life, this is the episode to tune into. Check out the audio below. For more info regarding booking events and inquiring about more episodes, visit Christ website by the link here, Trappin Anonymous.