Erykah Badu will be gracing the stage again this year as the master of ceremonies for the 2016 Soul Train Music Awards. She deems perfectly fit for the role with this being her second consecutive hosting appearance for the awards show. We actually wouldn’t be surprised if BET gives up casting host altogether coining Badu as the permanent host for all the years to come.

Yesterday [November 2], Badu took to Twitter to post the new trailer for this year’s festivities starring none other than, the cultural icon herself. The 30-sec video shows Badu in a futuristic digital world in which she recites:

“Today is stress awareness day. In the hood it’s pronounced scress. Don’t hold it in. Take it out on somebody. Experience the 2016 Soul Train Awards – the greatest award show ever, November 27, 2016 AD at 8pm.”

Last year Badu had absolutely no filter as she ragged on Iggy Izaela and even cracked a few jokes on her own ‘baby daddy’, Andre 3000. We can’t wait to see what Badu has up her sleeve this year.

Check out her short clip below.