Less than seven days away, our country is preparing for one of the most critical presidential elections to date. Of course, as in any other election, the actual act of voting is what makes all the difference. We just can’t stand to leave it to chance by not using our power to vote because in all actuality, our vote is our voice.

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The Artistic Alliance for Justice has gathered some of pop culture’s biggest influencers to stress the importance of showing up at the polls in a new “Show Up” video campaign. In a little over two minutes, celebrities like Russell Simmons, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Meagan Good, Cedric the Entertainer, and Glynn Turman inform viewers on alarming statistics that show only a small number of those who are registered to vote actually do vote.

In addition to listing a number of values to consider when making the choice on who will lead our country for the next four years, these celebrities also equipped viewers with important tips to be aware of in order to make voting day a breeze. These celebrities can’t necessarily tell us who to vote for but they most certainly did their part in relaying the message to show up, be heard, and more importantly, vote on November 8th.


Watch the video below.