Well if you’re a fan of Hip Hop culture, you can no longer hear the name Stephanie and not think ‘Headphanie’ immediately after. We have the Brooklyn emcee Young M.A. to thank for that as her summertime anthem ‘OOOUUU’ gave birth to an every day conversational phrase.

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Just yesterday [November 3] social media began rapidly sharing pictures of a Hennesy bottle dressed in purple labeling with ‘Headphanie’ instead of Hennessy across the front. While some fans were super excited to see Young M.A.’s influence go as far as partnering with the popular Moet/Hennessy brand, other fans became a little skeptical as they rightfully should. The skepticism rooted from the fact that Young M.A. had not posted anything to her social media to promote the ‘Headphanie’ bottle.

Fans began tweeting:


Twitter users have even gone as far as conducting background checks on the people behind the bottle:

The ‘Headphanie’ bottles were made by a local Florida clothing line, The Lilac Company who eventually had to defend themselves on Twitter. They wrote:

The Lilac Company showcased the special edition bottles at their ‘Something Light’ pop up exhibit last Friday and began selling the bottles in two liquor stores in the Broward County Florida area. They announced the bottled would begin selling online “tonight or something”.

Reportedly, Young M.A. nor Hennessy have any dealings with The Lilac Company but no comments have been publicly made from either party. Stay tuned as this story continues to break.