Prosecutors are using a t-shirt bearing the Confederate flag as evidence against a former University of Cincinnati police officer suspected in the death of Sam DuBose. DuBose was fatally shot in July 2015 at a traffic stop.

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Ray Tensing reportedly wore the shirt under his uniform that very day, says the Cincinnati Enquirer. It reads, “Great Smokey Mountains 1934” with a  flag in the center. And an image of the shirt in question was presented to jurors on Friday as Tensing faces charges for murder and voluntary manslaughter.


With this case, police body cameras and substances found in DuBose’s car played key roles. But what will this new piece of evidence prove necessary for jurors to reach a fair verdict? A debate ensued among court-goers, officials, and the public on whether the shirt now creates an unrelated bias against the suspect or is a very important aspect of the crime for jurors deciding if a white officer is guilty of intentionally murdering an unarmed black driver. Nonetheless, the shirt made it into court as approved evidence