“This will probably be my last day of campaigning for a while” President Obama said at a rally in Michigan on Monday November 07, 2016. That statement alone reflects the tone of what’s to come.

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With Election Day being tomorrow, Tuesday November 8, 2016, Obama’s been on a campaign trail since last Tuesday, with intentions of targeting states Democrats think they can win (Ohio, North Carolina and Florida), but aren’t convinced they will, per CNN reports. Obama is seemingly one of Clinton’s last minute tactics to capitalize on states where her edge is slipping – and boy is that a genius and fortunate plan of action.

President Obama can reach audiences that Hilary Clinton cannot, mainly African-Americans. As displayed for almost a decade of presidency, Obama is taking on this task with an even-tempered and composed demeanor, which exudes confidence and a sense of security to those who may still be on the fence with their vote. He’s adding to the impact of Michelle Obama’s poignant and poised speeches about denouncing Donald Trump and encouraging the backing of Hilary Clinton. With the two of them going full-steam and joining forces with Clinton, this presidential race is becoming tighter by the minute.


As a large majority of the world attempts to process and cope with the fact that President Barack Obama will no longer be the leader of the free world, we all as citizens of the United States of America also must face the fact that it’s time to elect a new one. It’s been no secret that neither of the presidential candidates are high in favor, however, one of them moving into the oval office is inevitable; and if President Obama has any say in the matter, the majority will side #withher.

President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and the Clintons will all close the day together in Philadelphia, per CNN reports, in hopes of tomorrow working out in their favor.

If you missed out on early voting, tomorrow November 8, 2016 is your last chance to be involved in ensuring the candidate you prefer is elected to office.