It’s been nearly 4 years since we’ve gotten a full length studio LP from Bruno Mars, but that’s all going to change very soon. On November 18th Bruno is slated to release his third album titled “24K Magic”. The album shares the same name as the first single off of the album.

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With “24K Magic” the single still gaining popularity as the days pass, Mars has also released a second single titled “Versace On The Floor” that is more in the realm of a ballad, as opposed to his first single that has more of an upbeat pop feel to it. It seems like Mars is covering all bases with this next project and he definitely hasn’t lost a step musically since the last time we heard from him.

In 2013, Mars suffered the loss of his mother which could indeed be part of the reason for the lengthy break in between projects but he seems to be in great spirits as of late and ready to get back to displaying his passion for music to the world. If the quality of the rest of the album is anything similar to the first two tracks he’s released from the project we’re in for a great piece of work on the 18th of this month.