Since the A$AP Mob entered the pop culture scene they’ve influenced various aspects of both music and fashion. Almost each member has their own set of merchandise, including A$AP Bari. Recently the A$AP member auctioned off five pairs of his “VLONE x Nike Air Force 1” sneakers.shoe-3

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Only 20 pairs of the sneaker were made, thus skyrocketing their value. The rare sneaker is now being sold on websites for outrageous prices. Currently a size 12 pair of Bari’s creation is being auctioned off for over $90,000, containing over 120 bids on Ebay. A$AP Bari has always been involved in fashion, and his influence is evident just by looking at the demand of his debut project.

Bari touched on his sneaker launch in a recent interview with Complex. “This sneaker might be wack to people, it might be amazing to others, it might be the most powerful sneaker in 10 years…you don’t know where it’s going to lead to. I don’t like to predict myself, I just like to sit back and relax and see where this is at in 10 years. People might say, ’10 years ago, that sneaker was actually dope. The leather was on point. I can still wear those today, the leather doesn’t crease.”



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