New York is known for producing legendary emcees, so when it comes to Bronx-bred rapstress Connie Diiamond there is no exception.

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After giving fans a preview of her lyrical skills on the “Summer Sixteen Freestyle”, Diiamond and her crafty flows became an instant fan favorite and receiving more than 44,000 views; but she’s not done yet.


With the release of her debut project, Trap Elliot, Diiamond is out to show the world that female artists come confident and have just as much swagger if not more than their male counterparts. Modeling her her out the box style after her role model and legendary femcee/producer Missy Elliot, who also inspired her album title, Diiamond once again shows that true talent has no fear.

“My lack of fear to be who I am and to embrace it is what made me choose the word, Elliot” Connie explained. “As a role model, Missy made me feel more confident in myself and more confident in my physical appearance.”

Trap Elliot opens up with Connie asserting her bravado on the title track, directing her aggression towards all her naysayers, addressing her body image, what it means to be a female artist who isn’t selling sex. She does it while sneaking in some of her knowledge of Hop Hop’s past, showcasing her versatility and ability to bring lyrical content, and giving the listener a glimpse of who Connie Diiamond really is.

“Every single track represents the type of artist I am”, Connie continued. “Giving the listener aggressive lyrical content, describing my style and how my presence demands every single person’s attention. My tone of voice is a stamp and a warning combined that gives off incredible energy.”

Trap Elliot debunks the notion that women have to present themselves as beauty queens over delivering hard-hitting music.

Check out the latest single from Connie Diiamond, “Goyard” below.