Watching the last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live was like throwback after throwback: host Dave Chappelle’ cracks at society and race, A Tribe Called Quest performance (RIP Phife Dawg) with Busta Rhymes and Consequence, and Chris Rock’s help on some sketches.

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As 2016 ends, Chappelle’s monologue echoed key moments that occurred this year—mass shootings, police-related shootings, Harambe, terrorism, and Donald Trump’s election win. And a side note: you’ll get a random flashback of “Wu-Tang Financial” when you hear his voice unrelatedly utter the Hip Hop group’s name. Shall I start the chants? “Chappelle Show come back. Chappelle Show come back.”


Jokes aside, the OG comedian ended his stand-up with some real talk: his views on the nation moving forward after the election results.

Then came the sketches, which famed Chappelle Show characters like addict Tyrone Biggums and more appeared in. One of the comedian’s spoofs of the night hit Walking Dead fans.

Also Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle equals gold:

Last but not least, ATCQ made a followup performance to their recent album release.