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For Dooley KP, “The Suite Life” is more than just the title of an EP he’ll be releasing in early 2017. It’s the definition of the kind of lifestyle he wants to live and represent.

And when his new EP hits in March of next year, it’ll be a testament to the trials and tribulations he’s had to overcome on his journey to stardom as a professional artist and rapper. His dreams started as a young 6-year-old boy who was thrust into the limelight when given a solo during a Christmas program at school.
In high school, Dooley began to experiment with poetry and soon found a love for the spoken word. He began to craft poems that played with sound and interwove metaphors with personal stories to create poetry that stood head and shoulders above what a normal 14-year-old might be able to create.

As he continued to develop his own unique voice, he began to focus on his “country” roots. Today he refers to his own personal style as “Kountry Poetry” (the KP in his name, Dooley KP), a throwback to his roots in Georgia. And though he now resides in Phoenix, Arizona and performs all along the West Coast, he said it’s that time growing up in Georgia that really formed who he is today.

“I have my own sound that I bring and it’s definitely country poetry,” he said. “That’s what I bring to the table – and it’s not like anything anybody else is doing right now. That’s good because I’m trying to keep myself original. But the music I bring I know will relate to somebody. No matter what song of mine you listen to, you’re going to get some kind of message out of it and it’s going to relate with you at that time.”


His most recent single is a song called “Walk So Nasty.” It’s a mid-temp track that he created with the intention of helping women of all shapes and sizes build confidence in their figures.

“It’s based off of women who can rip the runway (as models),” he said. “But it’s a song that has multiple meanings. It can be for models for a fashion show, or it can be for women who need to build confidence. I want to show all women that no matter who they are or what they look like – big, tall, short, small – they can have confidence. You can strut your stuff – it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are.”

“Walk So Nasty” is currently available for purchase on all digital download sites, but fans who want to get a taste of Dooley’s music can visit his Soundcloud page, or check out some of his music videos on YouTube. Fans can also follow him on social media for more information about new music releases or upcoming live shows. He’ll be performing in Mesa, Arizona on Nov. 18. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for more information. Check out the audio below.