TYDM, an acronym for Thank You Don Mo’Retti aka Thank You, is more than just a rapper, fancying himself as someone who provides artist experiences. Influenced by modern art, TYDM is heavily involved in all aspects of his presentation, not only creating the music but also directing or co-directing all of his music videos, giving listeners and viewers an in-depth look into his creativity. His debut EP, Moon Roof Condo, was released to critical acclaim while yielding nearly 350,000 streams on Soundcloud in its first week.

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Further bolstering the project, TYDM released moving art pieces for each and every song on the project, which resulted in the EP being showcased as an art gallery series throughout the east coast. Taking things up another notch, today TYDM gave TheSource.com the green light to premiere his brand new visual for “Song b4 the Valley.” The clip falls in line with much of his previous artistic aesthetic, adding a lo-fi feel with colorful tints.

I feel like a determined kid in a world full of madness. This song/video really expresses that all I want is peace. Peace in this country and as a world.” -TYDM

Watch the video below and be on the lookout for new music from TYDM as we get closer to Thanksgiving.