During Barack [Obama] and Michelle’s 8-year term as the first black First Family to occupy The White House they have not only changed the face of cultural norms, but more importantly, they have set the standard of accepting and exuding diversity in the White House which trickled down to more acceptance of diversity from America as a whole. Hip Hop culture couldn’t have been any happier and any more proud over the past few years as The Obama’s invited some of our favorite icons to perform, speak, and simply just visit the presidential estate on behalf of making Hip Hop apart of the American experience.

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Celebrities like Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lebron James, Chance the Rapper, Wale, Fabulous, and even Terrence J and Rocsi have gotten the chance to revel in such a monumental piece of American history all thanks to a president who saw it fit for such influencers to experience triumph and victory outside of their usual playing fields and comfort zones.

In a new BET Special ‘Love & Hapiness: An Obama Celebration‘, he brings awareness to his very unique taste in music and even admits what many were probably thinking.


“You may think that the musical performances before we got here were a little stuffy. That’s true. They weren’t quite like our musical events.”

But in true Obama fashion, he counterbalances his statement with a charming act of humbleness by giving a history lesson of past presidents who didn’t necessarily do what was popular and accepted but what was downright unordinary.

He stated:

“But the truth is that throughout history The White House has celebrated the new and the innovated. It’s even been a little edgy once and a while.”

The Obama Celebration surely may be the last Hip Hop influenced event to be held at The White House during Barack’s time as our president so of course, it was documented for the world to see. Featuring Jill Scott, Common, Usher, The Roots, and many more, ‘Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration‘ will air on BET tonight [November 15th] at 9pm EST.

Be sure to tune in.