A comeback story of redemption and triumph is always inspiring. Forgiving and forgetting, America sincerely roots for those fallen from grace, perched in a front row seat to their tribulations defeat, accompanied by success’s inevitable entrance. Enter Sara Stokes. One sixth of the former Bad Boy group Da Band, a band of six formed on the trailblazing reality TV series Making the Band 2, fourteen years ago.

Bouncing back from tabloid stories and a stint in jail, Stokes is stronger than ever. Resilient. Proven. Passionate to a fault. But don’t call it a comeback. Equipped with an angelic voice, Stokes moves beyond music as a wife and mother, making amends with her past, fighting head to head with her skeletons.

The Michigan native now controls her narrative on BET Centric’s From the Bottom Up. Executive produced by Queen Latifah, Stokes, alongside five other ladies (Christine Beatty, Chrystale Wilson (The Players Club 1998), Kim Smedley, Stacii Jae Johnson, Chanita Foster), expose their come up to the same audience who witnessed their mishaps. On the second season, the former Bad Boy singer proves that rock bottom is nothing more than a launching pad to divine triumph.

The Source caught up with Stokes as she opened up about her relationship with Diddy, the Bad Boy Reunion tour and her new single, “Fragile Hearts.” – Angela Wilson


The Source: We were all introduced to you from MTV’s “Making The Band.” As you look back, do you have any regrets? What’s something fans would be surprised to know about behind-the-scenes? 

Sara Stokes: I have NO REGRETS…I’ve learned so much about the music industry and we made HISTORY with our show. Pretty much, we’re the pioneers of the reality shows you see now. Everything you saw on our show was real and I love Da Band, they are my second fam!


Behind the scenes we really put a lot of work into our music. All of us are true artists with very different personalities. My husband helped out so much with everybody and it wasn’t all bad – he played a huge part in the show as well.

 What’s your relationship like with Diddy now and your former Da Band co-stars?

My relationship with Diddy is ALL LOVE! I appreciate him for even choosing me and noticing my true talent in the first place. He is one of the most hardworking people in the business. A super smart entrepreneur and business man with a ton of ideas. Not to mention he has that “real” hustle to make things happen. With Da Band, it’s all love as well. I still speak to everyone.


We have a bond because of all we had to go through together. Not sure if you knew but Babs and I have a song on iTunes , Sneak Peek. It is super hot, your readers have to get that. 

 How did you feel about not being included in the Bad Boy Reunion tour?

I felt like since we made history with Diddy and our show that we should have had the opportunity to tear up the stage as well. 

 Why was it important for you to join the cast of From the Bottom Up? Who are you closet to out of the ladies?

I needed MY VOICE to be heard and the truth to be told. Aside from that, I thought that if what I’ve been through can touch or help someone else, then it was all worth it. I wanted to be real with viewers, I wanted them to hear my testimony. I’m closest with Christine on a spiritual level. She has been there for me throughout this entire process. She was there when I revealed the most difficult things in my life. 


What would you say is the biggest misconception about you? 

The biggest misconception about me is that I’m “just” a reality star. I have soooooo many talents – not just somebody on TV. Music is my life, my real life. There’s so much more to my life than Tony and I fighting – which is so far from the truth. Get to know me and you’ll see that I am so much more. 

 How’s your relationship with your husband Tony now?


Tune into the show From the Bottom Up every Saturday on BET Centric at 10pm EST to see how he and I are now. I will say this, I am very happy.  

 What was the inspiration behind your new single?

MY single, “FRAGILE HEART” which you can get on iTunes right now is about everything that I’ve been through. All the hurt, the pain, and just how fragile my spirit and heart really is at this moment in my life. It’s about realizing certain things that have affected your present, stuff you’ve held on to for so long and coming to grips that you must get rid of it. Let go so you can grow and be stronger.


That’s how you deal with it. Eric Campbell wrote the song I shared with him all the stuff I had been through. He put it on paper James Worthy produced the track.

 What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered as a beautiful soul. A person with a good heart. In spite of the heartache and pain, I rose above it all to become the woman and artist that God intended for me to be.

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