Last night was the television debut of summertime sensation Aminé. And although the Portland rapper is relatively new to the limelight, he wasted no time to take proper advantage of his internationally televised performance.

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As we all know, reality TV star Donald Trump was elected president of the United States and it has, what seems like, majority of the country in an uproar. With the election going to the right, entertainers across genres have come out to voice their opinion of our new Commander in Chief. Although Twitter and Instgram are usually the mediums of choice for celebrity social action, Aminé decided to use the biggest night of his career to speak to the people.


While performing his hit single “Caroline”, Aminé gave us a switcheroo and added in a new, politically charged verse to show how he feels about this years election results. Center stage he rapped,

“9-11, a day that we’re never forgetting / 11-9, a day that we’re all regretting / If my president is Trump then it’s relevant enough to talk about it on TV and not give a **** / I’m black and I’m proud, my skin is brown and I’m loud / Everybody love it when a rapper tell some lines, well that ain’t me homie I guess that’s a surprise / America want to act all happy and holy, well deep down inside they like Brad and Jolie / Caroline divine and I won’t get specific, Club Banana the illest and it too terrific / You can never make America great again, all you ever did was make this country hate again”.

This revision was as necessary as it was unexpected. Now more than ever the world needs its chosen artist to use their podium to speak out against ruthless oppression and instill hope to those who fill their pockets. It was a bold move for Aminé, who has yet to release his freshman project, to take an open stance against the current established “powers-that-be” but he did it with the poise of a seasoned revolutionary.

So far with Caroline alone Aminé has showed promise and now by standing up in what he believes it, it shows that there’s more to Aminé than meets the eye. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see that the youth cares more whats going on in this country, lets just hope it doesn’t stop here.