On this day in Hip Hop history independent underground legend MF DOOM released his fifth studio album, second under the name MF DOOM, MM…FOOD. Riddled with metaphors comparing the rap game to a fine dinning experience, MM…FOOD is another notch on DOOM’s belt of eclectic hit albums.

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As the well awaited follow-up to his debut mixtape Operation Doomday, MM…FOOD does more than satisfy, even though DOOM left us with a few projects to snack on in-between. Nevertheless, the world was in need of a new hero and as always, DOOM came to save the day. Much to MF DOOM fashion, MM…FOOD is unconcerned with the current state of Hip Hop and sticks to the original focus of rap, rhyming. With each track, DOOM spins current events, personal experiences, and his villainous opinion into food metaphors that would make Bobby Flay sweat. Along with metaphors, the album is chopped full of some interesting samples.  Someone the samples included on the album were from Fantatsic Four, Spider -Man, and Superman comic records.

Commercially, the album was as successful as anyone in the underground could hope. The album peaked at #17 on the Billboard Top Independent Albums chart and #9 on the Top Heatseekers chart.