Theatergoers booed Mike Pence as the vice president-elect went to see acclaimed musical Hamilton. The play itself, creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, and cast have been known to be pioneers for all identities. Those identities include ones that Pence has been accused of sidelining: LGBTQ, women, non-Christians, and racial minorities. So boos weren’t exactly the only reaction when he walked in the door.

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If the boos didn’t make his presence apparent, the cast took a moment to acknowledge Pence to the audience. Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr, denounced the crowds’ boos. He had his own message for Pence.


Hamilton documents the life of Alexander Hamilton as a founding father—replacing historically white figures with Black and Hispanic ones. Not only do Dixon’s cast mates and fans represent ethnic minorities, he pointed out the diversity in their religions, sexual orientations, and backgrounds as well. He said, “We truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values, and work on behalf of ALL of us.”

Miranda applauded Dixon’s speech in a tweet:

Fans also took to Twitter to acknowledge Pence’s presence.
The hashtag #NameAPenceMusical  was trending.

Not everyone was on Hamilton’s side—Donald Trump, for starters. It was no surprise he took to Twitter to express this:

His supporters are calling to boycott Hamilton..which is one of the hardest shows to get tickets for, anyways. *Insert Nick Young confused face here*